Mike Oram

Web Developer

About me

I have been working as a web developer since 2008. I am skilled in design, front-end and server side technologies. I am constantly improving my skillset by seeking out the latest technologies and techniques. Take a look at my skillset for a full list of technologies I use. I deliver unique, original, easy-to-use applications that clients love, take a look at my portfolio for a selection of my work.

Outside of work I enjoy nothing more than taking the top down on my Porsche and going for a drive. I love all kinds of sports cars, you will often find me at a track driving the latest super cars. Despite owning a Porsche and having driven Ferarris, Astin Martins and Lamborghinis, my favourite car to drive is the Nissan GTR.

In my spare time I volunteer at my local swimming club as a performance coach, having previously swam as a member of the British team, with a British record and various national and international medals, I now use my knowledge and experience to further the training of the next generation. When I am not coaching I train with the City of Bristol performance squad and compete in various senior age competitions, achieving 8th in Britain in the 100m butterfly (2013).

My principals

Seemless user interfaces

Good user interface design is at the core of everything I do. A good user experience is paramount for any application. Consistency and clear progression are key while providing a strong visual hierarchykeeps attention on the primary actions, couple this with great design and the result is a seemless user interface.

Responsive design

With the recent explosion of mobile technologies, responsive design is vital in order to provide a good user experience. Responsive design is not just about providing a aesthetic design on all devices but also ensuring appropriate, usable, functionality.


Writting maintainable code is vital when woring on any project. You might be familiar with your code when first building a site but writting consistent, structured and annotated code will help you and other developers working when performing maintenance.

Scalable development

Building scalable applications means building them with the ability to function efficiently and effectivly when it or its data changes in size or volumn. Typically scaling for larger volumns is the challenge. Concise, efficient code coupled with appropriate server side technologies are the key to achieving this.